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8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
East Tennessee
Here it goes: Well I have a ton of birds now and need an efficient way to feed them. I'm tired of filling each waterer and feeder every day. Since there are so many pens and feeders it takes a long time to feed and water. I want to be able to fill two things and all the adult quail have food and water. Here is my idea so far: Have a big tank of water with tubing going into each pen, fill the tank up every two days and add ice in hot weather. So here is the problem, I don't know much about this and don't know exactly what to buy... I'll need some kind of fountain, but I don't know what kind. Plus I'll need tubing and all of the other things. It will be gravity fed so no need for a pump. Plus I need a way to cut it off at the tank because if I need to clean or add new water will flow out like crazy when I pop the lid... Now for the feeder, I think Ill have PVC coming out of the tops of the cages and fill those up. Not a big deal there. So any ideas? Thanks.
Look into pex pipe for your water. I used it alot and if you use the blue you shouldnt have as much algae problems because sun cant penetrate as well. Its flexable and easy to cut and crimp ring type fittings make tees and nipple fittings a breeze. You can get it lowes for around 25 bucks per 100'. 1\\4 TURN VALVE at your tank or plastic 50 gal drum and your birds are watered. Randall set up a PVC feeder that looked to be the kitty's nipples, but I have not tried to copy it yet. Hate cutt'in a hole in the roof of my pens.... Bill
Just sent message to get the same ones myself, if good enough for JJ then plenty good for me.

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