Need help with the breed or breeds mix of this hen please ~:>


9 Years
Apr 20, 2011
She is still molting but the first picture (directly below text) is from today and I think is closer to the color she will be. She's a rescue chicken so I have no information about her other than she's tough. She has a rose comb & buff colored feathers that turn to light brown feathers with details (maybe someone can help me with the correct term? penciling?) further back and a few of her tail feathers are dark brown. I'll take a few more to show the different colored feathers. Thanks!

X3. She's a pretty bird!
I think so too. She's won our hearts & our respect. She survived in the woods for a month..... prior to her rescue. Now she is having to endure over 30 days quarantine as recommended by a poultry expert before integrating her with my small flock. Also, being treated for mites, worms & coccidiosis. She really doesn't have it too bad though. She's in a dog crate right next to the large window in the master bedroom. So she gets lots of natural sunlight and occasional small servings of fruit with her feed.

Yes, a chicken has taken over my master bedroom. I live in a residential neighborhood so the backyard is the only outdoor space I can keep chickens in. In order to do a quarantine I'm keeping her in the house for over a month. I usually use the garage for brooding but I didn't think a dark garage was an adequate dwelling for over a month. :}

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