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    Sep 25, 2015
    Every one has been telling me that this day would come.My two cockerals have been going AT IT.Zeus has been comunicating with his crow which he only does inside.Things are getting hot between the two.Foggy almost one the fight,Zeus got hurt and was panting,I broke the fight up.I did it a few times.Finally I decided they can't be killing each other,so I let them proceed.Figured this was a "Pecking Order" kinda deal.Foggy the white leghorn is now separated into a dog cage.Foggy has a bloody face,and Zeus I have not checked yet.Any ideas?
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Either let them finish a fight when it occurs or keep them separated.
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    If they have drawn blood I would keep them separate. How many hens have you got in with them and how much space do they have?
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    If you don't separate them, they will continue to fight and once one has proven the dominant, he will keep the other from accessing the feed bowl and such or kill him outright. This is NOT a (typical) pecking order thing like what happens between hens and different age groups. This is a dominance thing
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    Sep 25, 2015
    Okay,it's the end of the day.They were fighting all day,no matter what the two would NOT stop.I kept locking Foggy up,letting him out.After about 4:00,I would stand between the two.Sometimes I would let them fight sometimes thinking adventually thinking somebody would give up. They are trying to kill each other.Foggy's earlobe is GUSHING blood.He has scars all over his face.They have been grabbing each others combs,spurring each other.Their legs are a little bloody.They are acting like game fighters.I was old that the two breeds were aggressive ad was never told that when they would spar,they would keep on for forever.They also are have been pulling feathers.

    It isn't space.I have a older rooster who also is trying to spar,but they young guys know better.I have about 16 maybe hens,we'l be getting more pullets.l.I am not with them all the time.My grandma says every three days they just decide to fight and usually Foggy come s back bloody,but he still manages to keep his spot in the order.Those fights were nothing,I think this fight is the one they wanna make the last.They free range everyday.
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    I had two roosters like that. They were raised together in the same brooder, were the same age, but different breeds, both presumably docile. Everyone insisted they would fight until one became dominant and the other would fall in behind. Never happened. They only kept escalating their brawling and bloodying each other until I finally separated them. I partitioned their coop, but it wasn't enough to just have poultry mesh separating them. They would fight through the fence, and once they tore it down trying to get at each other. I hung a blanket up so they couldn't see each other.

    It was a sad day when a visitor stopped by and his dogs killed one of the roosters, but it was a relief, too. I loved both of my roosters, and alone, each was very sweet. But it was very stressful dealing with the constant conflict, not to mention continual first aid.

    My advice is to pick one to keep and re-home the other unless you need them both for breeding purposes, then keep them separate.
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    Sep 25, 2015
    We plan on selling the leghorn.

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