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    I have 4 chickens and they are great . All 4 are just over a year and laying every day. I currently have one that will not get off the nest. I think she is trying to lay and egg and can't. She has been on the nest for 2 days. I have lifted her out and no egg under her. When I lifted her out she walked around , got water and went back. Since she on the nest she has not pooped. She is very alert ( puffs up when I get close ) and look great but I am worried. Any advice ???
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    You are seeing signs of a broody hen, not an egg bound hen -- being broody means that her hormones are driving her to incubate and hatch eggs - which is why she is "tied" to the nest and acting defensively about it. If you are not interested in hatching eggs (even without a rooster present you can source fertile eggs) or adding chicks (you can sometimes graft newly hatched chicks onto a broody hen) at this time you will do yourself and the hen a service by searching "breaking broody hen" here on BYC and finding a method that appeals to you as brooding is very hard on a hen's body and if there is no hope of hatching eggs there is no point in putting her through it.

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