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Mar 31, 2016
West Milton,NY
I am starting a 4-H poultry club, due to the fact there isn't a local club now. Which my daughters are very happy about. Now that they feel like pro's after receiving 11 blue ribbons in the Saratoga county fair. I need help coming up with a club name as this is a first for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Congrats on the blue ribbons!! I'll bet the girls can come up with the best name....
I am in agreement with having the kids name it.
What type of chickens do you raise? Maybe something incorporating the breed(s).
Or any other animals you may be showing.
Favorite flower.
Vegetable, fruit or herb you primarily grow.
Something with New York in it.
Something with Saratoga in it.

You asked for ideas:D
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