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Jan 21, 2016
Hi Y'all!

I hope you all can help my moms best friends son!
His family is thinking about buying two ferrets, but I have to make sure everything is OK!Also, I know it's mainly recommended to buy two ferrets, But can he buy just one?And maybe adopt another later on?Because, The local Petcos ferrets are $154, And with two the total will come to $515.

Also, Any goodreccomendations for good toothpaste?Can I use regular Dog/Cat toothpaste?
And, the reason they have to ge them from Petco is because the local shelter doesn't have any Ferrets.
List of things they will be getting:

Also, he was thinking of getting those cat toys for the ferret(s) And using only a few under supervision.Good or Bad?

Ferrets are really exciting and fun! They aren't dogs or cats, they tend not to be cuddly or hold still for long, but they are very playful and adorable!

First lets start with one ferret or two. I also suggest more than one because they tend to snuggle for like 20 hours a day and it makes a big difference, especially if they are already a bonded pair or at least littermates. They can cost a lot though, I can agree with that.

Here is the reason why I wouldn't suggest getting from a pet store. More pet stores get their ferrets from Ferret Mills, which do not breed for health or longevity. Probably half those ferrets will die before they are 2. I lost two of my four ferrets before they were 1.5 years-old from cancer and other issues and they were both from pet-stores. They also often have other genetic issues such as deafness and eye problems. I would suggest a breeder, someone rehoming ferrets who can't keep them, or a rescue (try contacting a local ferret club if possible, they should know where all three of these are).

I would say cat toothpaste would be fine, especially if it has minimal ingredients and isn't something like "hairball preventative mixed with toothpaste".

I've heard that kitten food is better than cat food because of the higher fat needs of ferrets. However, high quality adult cat food is better than many ferret foods as a whole (some are even plant based!!!). Make sure it is meat based with little to no plant ingredients, as ferrets cannot digest plants and need high amounts of animal-based protein.

My ferrets were terrible with a small litter box. In fact, I just laid down a few sheets of paper-towels in a corner and changed them regularly, since they missed a box or dug it out of the way. They LOVED towels and blankets, they will bury in them and snuggle for hours, so that's a great choice. They also enjoy chew sticks a lot, as well as the paste treats (vitamin/mineral gel) but this should be given in moderation as it is pretty sweet.

Ear cleaner may not be necessary, as ferrets that are healthy tend to have healthy ears. However, it doesn't hurt to have in stock shouuld the need arise.

The playpen is a great idea, but ferrets are ESCAPE ARTISTS, I doubt the one shown would hold them. They can jump, dig, squeeze, shove, and chew out of most any enclosure that isn't a strong, wire enclosure.

The grooming kit looks good, though I will say ferrets do not sit still for brushing and rarely need it. They do, however, need their claws trimmed pretty often as they grow REALLY fast.

I really hope this helps. Best of luck finding the perfect ferret buddies!
Thanks for the advice.

Chris and his mom will find this very helpful.

My thoughts:
Chris is homeschooled, and goes out on all day trips very rarely.So he will be able to play with the Ferret whenever it is up.And, He may get another one another time, And interduce them to each other slowly.Would this be alright, Getting one at first and then a little while later, adopt another one?

I will let them know.If they can't find one or two in the shelter, Then they will have to buy from the pet shop :/

Good, thanks!

I got that idea from Happy Tails on YouTube, She said Thats what she gets.

He will only be using the Playpen when he is playing with them, Or he is cleaning the cage and such(his mother will be watching the ferret(s))
We got our first ferret as a single and introduced another later. They got along great, so I'd say it was okay for a little while. : )
Petfinder is great. I would be a little cautious on Craigslist (though when I developed an allergy to my ferrets we did rehome via the internet to a nice family who had a ferret that wanted some friends). Some Craigslist animals are sick, older than expected, or aggressive. Not only that, but it is illegal to sell (I think you can rehome for free) pets on Craigslist in the first place, from what I have heard at least.
Gita mostly said all the advice I would give someone looking to get a ferret. Ferrets are a lot of fun and it's really nice of you to help your friend!

I had a ferret growing up and he was a sweetie. We got him from a pet store. I was much younger then and I took him everywhere with me. He had a leash and a little pouch bag that he would ride around him. Because I took him so many places, he became so friendly. I think a single ferret is just fine if you give them adequate interaction. It may be easier for your friend too since they are more work than your other caged pets like hamsters and rats.

I used to give mine monthly baths and he loved it. It helped keep the stink down (though I never thought he smelled that bad). I also litter trained him. It wasn't as intuitive as it was with cats but as I was playing with him, I would just stick him in his litter box every time he looked like he was going to poop or pee. They back up in corners so it's easy to tell usually.

They do tend to get the same three or four diseases unfortunately, but I don't discourage people from owning them because they are such great little pets.

Don't forget to remind your friend that rabies and distemper shots are important for ferrets, especially if you friend will bring them outside. Many vets will now see ferrets and it's good to have a good relationship early on!

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