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Dec 2, 2011
harrodsburg ky.
went out this morning to buy 4 redstar hens and we put the 4 hens in a cardboard box that was about 24'' x 24'' x 12'' tall... we put hole in the box so they could get air and we taped the box shut so they couldnt get out...we bought them from a guy that lives about 1hr away so the hens were in the box about that long but when we got home and opened the box 3 of the hens poped out but 1 was looking like it was going to die...she barely moved, couldnt stand up and her head just wobbled like she was drunk..we thought mabe she got to hot in the box so we tryed giving her water and i even tryed pouring a little water on her to maybe cool her off...not sure what to do and i dont want to lose her but im out of ideas...anything i can do for her?... right now she has been out of the box for about an hr and she aint no better...she trys to stand up but she reminds me of a drunk person....
I would bring her inside where the house where it's quiet, give her water with some electrolytes and offer her some scrambled or boiled eggs. And then just give her time. And i mean, let her sit in the dark in a non-drafty area overnight. Give her body a chance to recover naturally. If she was stressed by the trip, then she really needs time. If overnight doesn't do it, then i would be more concerned that something more is wrong with her.
well we dont really have anything to put her in so not sure i can move her in the house...right now she is sitting in the coop... she seems better...she doesnt look punch druck as bad ..she still wobble a little on her feet but not as bad...she hasnt eat anything or drank any water but she has pecked at the coop floor...other than that she just sits there without moving much and we just leave her alone...shes in the coop pretty much by her self as the other 9 hens and rooster stay out side only to come in to lay or drink/eat then they go back outside..

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