Need Help!


12 Years
Mar 17, 2007
Lancaster, PA
Our 5 chicks just arrived and one is not doing well at all. It has been a long time since Ive had chicks and am hoping someone can help me keep this one alive. she just keeps lying on her side. I m trying to make sure she is warm and dipping her beak in the water. The other chicks keep poking at her.
Is there anything else I can give her to "Liven" her up? electolites?
Electrolites won't hurt. You can buy Pedialite at any pharmacy or wal-mart type store (the kind given to children). You could also get some of the liquid vitamens that they give to children. It is noble to try to help but just know that sometimes they just don't make it and it is not your fault.
Best of luck.
Thank you. Since my 4 year old had picked the Australorp and unfortunately that is the one dying, I want to give it my all. thank you all very much. Even with this sad beginning, it's Good to be back in the Chicken world!
There is this electrolite water solution thing that you mix with their water that will give them electrolites and you can buy it at a local feed store and its called Save-A-Chick
Just Call me the Chicken Healer!!!! YAY!!!!!!!
Last night after, dipping her water into Vita Pack Plus water all day and into Chick Starter, moving its legs back and forth and making it stand instead of lay down, I went to a meeting expecting to return to a dead chick and surprise, She is up and you would never know she was even injured/sick!!!! YAY!!!!!!

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