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May 3, 2015
I have 3 eggs that were supposed to hatch over the weekend. One hatched last night, one didn't move all day so I opened the egg and it was dead never pipped through the internal membrane. I had to help the one last night cuz he couldn't break the shell. How do I keep the last one from dieing. I don't think he made though the membrane
I would try to hatch him. Thats all you can do. Lost lots of my last hatch that were alive in the shell when I went to bed and dead in the morning.
He is still moving this morning and I can hear a tapping sound. Would you still hatch him even though he hasn't piped through the membrane
I have heard of hatchers making a safe hole. I am having no luck finding that in the archives, I hope a hatcher can check in. There is a Call Duck Hatch thread - check in over there - you can get help from hatchers.
I put a small hole in the shell last night and he was still moving. At 11 this morning I made it alil bigger so I could see better. He pipped out of the membrane and was chirping!!!
Its ok. I made it through it lol. I'm just really gonna have to watch the ones I have that are supposed to hatch this weekend.

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