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Apr 24, 2014
Hello, thought I could raise chickens but have regrettably found out that it is impossible with my dogs. Today unfortunately the door to the room where our chicks were residing was left ajar. Out of the three we have one very scared and with a minor injury to the rump, left. We will not take the chance of losing her that way so we are desperately looking for a good home for her. We live in onalaska Washington if anyone could taker her in that would ease my mind. With her would come all the food and bedding and chick coop and water and feed dishes. We bought a rather expensive chicken coop that we would be willing to sell at a much cheaper price than what we bought it for but would like to get some money back from it. Brand new we only had them out our last warm day, it is still not fully assembled. Can anyone taker her in, she's yellow in color and we are treating her injury with some neosporin and I think she will recover from it, but she's pretty scared now.

Please help if you can. Will deliver if needed.

Thank you,

You will do much better if you post on your state thread , go to"where am I, where are you,"
in the social forum. You can locate and post on your state thread. This will give you a much better chance of finding a home in your area.

The new members forum is mainly people from all over the globe and USA. It's not likely they would want to have one chick shipped to them.

I'm sorry you have to give her up
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! So sorry about the chicks and what happened. If you decide you want to place the chick, posting in your state thread is probably the best way to find local people here. you could also try the BYC Buy-Sell-Trade forum
If you can think about continuing with keeping chickens, a lot of people do have dogs that are not chicken safe, but still keep chickens with them well separated. Coops and runs etc can be dog proofed.
Thank you for the state specific info. Very much appreciated. We have discussed the future of raising chickens, but have decided to visit that again after awhile. I won't risk her life for a few eggs.
Thanks again
Thank you for the info. Yeah it sad but it's the right thing to do, I'm too much of an animal lover to risk her life for a few eggs.

So sorry to read about your situation

Welcome to BYC!

I am so sorry about your chicks. But it is probably the best thing to do and rehome them. You have been left with some good info with links. I would definitely pursue your states thread in hopes of finding someone local nearby.

Good luck with finding them some forever homes.

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