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  1. gabrielle1976

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Columbia river gorge
    So I live in a small apartment complex , in my breezeway there is 4 doors / 4 apartments , Stuff has gone missing out of my storage shed , I only keep pop cans and christmas decorations in there so im not overly worried , my sons push truck , you know the type of kids toy where they get in and close the door seating on the seat then push with there feet , went missing still no big deal he had outgrown it , they must need it more then I do , last valintines day the large and expensive flowers my bf got me that were left at my door -.- no knock or anything ( wont be useing that floriest again) went missing , well that was crappy but still whatever no big deal, well one of the presents my bf orderd for my son was deliverd (no knock , seriously would it slow them down that much to knock on the blasted door) anyways you guessed it it went MIA , Now that one Im really upset about , my son wont be getting alot of presents we just dont have a ton of money so the ones he gets are special , WHO steals a package from a little boy , sure they didnt know from the outside but once they opend it coudnt they have had a little heart and givien it back , I mean it was only a pair of PJ's but he is quickly outgrowing all of his and it was a present coudnt they have just left it back infront of the door or soemthing.
    when people steal from me I try to have the well they must need it more then I do mind set but I find it really upseting when they steal from my son. I have no idea who did it there are a couple people that seem pretty henky but appearnces can be so deviceing so I really have no idea who it might be. , and as the packages and things are missing I have no proof ether , its just so frustrateing , does anyone have any ideas
    I am now haveing to stay at home and make sure I see when the mail man gets here witch means I cant go out or nap from noon to 5pm Monday thru Saterday [​IMG]
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  2. redhen

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    Invest in cheap video camera..and set it up where they cant see it.
  3. dewey

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    Sending things "Signature Required" is the only way to go sometimes.

    Is there a way to secure the shed door?
  4. dainerra

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    actually, they don't HAVE to get a signature, even if you ship something signature required. Found this out when my new cell phone was laying on the back of my husband's pickup truck - UPS didn't even knock on the door even though we were home. I was told that it is at "the driver's discretion" whether or not to ask for a signature. Yes, even if it is shipped saying one is required for delivery....
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    Where did you order it from? Most retailers will send a second item if you report that it was never delivered or stolen. If they refuse call you credit card company and say that you never got the item and ask for a charge back and they will do so. Amazon is very very good about this and will often 2 day or overnight an item if there is a problem. If it is a continual issue see if they have Amazon locker in your area (which is free) or consider a PO box.

    Our UPS man just tosses packages over my gate (which does not lock so he can just open it) and anything not tied down in my neighbor is gone.
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    That is REALLY disgusting! I can't believe people today. I would invest in a little camera and get a PO box...both VERY good ideas. Put some dog poo in a box and wrap it up nice and leave it at your door and wait until the idiot comes and steals it. Get the camera tape out and take it to the police.
  7. gabrielle1976

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Columbia river gorge
    Thank you everyone , watching the news yesteday put it in perspective for me , I have my son and we will have christmas even if we dont have a single present , I will get a lock for my storage room and I left a letter for my mail man and I will see if he starts knocking just for this season like I asked , Im also going to mention it to the owner. I wish I had a camra I could hook up or the knolege to do so but Im not sure how .
  8. Rich386

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    Gift wrap your garbage and put it out at least you will get a laugh when it dappers. LOL
  9. MeatKing

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    That's really sick :(

    Who would do that?

    No suggestions for you, but do think that's awful.
  10. Cluky

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    Apr 13, 2012
    I would suggest camera and then catch the ******* red handed :) Possibly breaking them afterwards [​IMG] To teach a lesson.

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