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  1. Huppstead

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    Mar 25, 2015
    We got meat chickens for the first time. We also have 4 layers. We are wanting to keep them out in the field and we are not sure the best fencing option. We would like to do it as frugal as possible. Can you offer any advice?

    We had thought about making a hoop house. We are afraid of it not looking very nice. The way our house is set up with the field, it would be the first thing people see when they come around the turn. We sit up on a hill.

    We also thought about chain link fencing.

    Help, please. Thanks so much!
  2. Blooie

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    Feb 25, 2014
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    My Coop
    Oh, I think hoop can be very visually appealing, but then I'm biased!


  3. speedy2020

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    Jul 24, 2010
    If you have a truck, just keep an eye on used free chain link fence from Craigslist. I am happy with my chain link fence cover with security plastic insert and some chicken wire. The issue is not 100% rats proof so not many option to prevent rat eat the feed.
  4. 21hens-incharge

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    Mar 9, 2014
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    I think a hoop coop/run would be easier to make and move if desired too.
    Mine is a stationary run made with recycled chain link.


    Craigs list is a good place to find all kinds of fencing materials. How big are you wanting to go with the run will play a part too.
    I have seen chain link dog kennels on there for next to nothing.

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