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Jun 20, 2022
So we have a lil wood duckling he/ she will be going on 5 weeks soon.. We came home with it in our driveway got left behind guess cause the lil one couldn’t keep up.. Took em to the vet and the doctor said he thinks the lil one was born with abnormal hips that why our little one doesn’t walk like it’s supposed to.. more walks hunched over body leaning down towards the ground basically dragging tummy and all.. I’m doing warm water therapy 4 times a day for no more thenk 10 minutes or so to work legs and keep joints moving I also have em on brewers yeast sprinkled on foot and also vitamin b 1 ml a day.. eats purina crumble and also gets peas smashed up which is his /hers new favorite 😆.. our little one is the most stinkin sweetest thing and I want to help get up and learn to stand and walk some off it’s belly.. looking at how to make a wheel chair sling something like that to help out
Sounds like you are doing everything right for your cute little stinker!!!

Thank you for caring and dong all that water therapy. It does sound like it has congenitally dislocated hips.

I cannot offer any advice on a little cart/walker for your duckling. But I offer you encouragement to try and make one yourselves. I have seen videos of ducks on frames made with plastic tubes and angles, on wheels. Some people can make fantastic prostheses on 3D printers. However, 3D printers are expensive and having a walking frame made from one of the online sites that does that sort of thing is also expensive.

Good luck and please keep us updated!

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