need ideas on home made feeders and waters please!


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Apr 20, 2009
andalusia alabama
i was thinking of building some home made feeders and waters and need some ideas.

i have an idea for a feeder but dunno if it will work. please help me out with some pics and ideas
I made my own with all the tips and advice from this site and they work great. I have this exact set up both inside the coop and out in the run. If you notice, the feeder and waterer are both on a pulley system so I can raise them as the chickies get bigger, always keeping there chow at the proper height!


Hope that helps - good luck and keep us posted!
I have decided that I don't like having to refill a waterer and feeder, therefore the ground is a perfectly good choice....
Seriously, though, I pour about 8 route44 cups out twice a day for my chickens, and for their water I fill a big extra-large tip-proof dog bowl. The hose dangles in the bowl, so all I gotta do is turn the water on. Yeah, it's a lazy setup. But it works!!!! And there is LITERALLY NO WASTED FOOD!!!!!!
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these were made from five gallon plastic buckets. the first waterer didn't work because i couldn't get a good seal on the lid so the next one was built lid down. the fill hole under the cover is plugged with a rubber stopper. the feeder has one oval hole on each side and the front. the bottom of the bucket is screwed to a plywood and cedar tray. there's a hinged cover over the top to keep the chickens off the feeder and though you can't see it there's a sheet of plexiglass attached to the fence on the left to keep blowing rain out. the coop roof overhangs two feet keeping the feeder sheltered.

I don't have a pic, but for my food I have one of those 5 gallon bucket set ups seen above.... and my waterer is not homemade, but it's the best thing I've ever bought for my chickens..... it's an automatic dog bowl. You can get them at any pet store/walmart. You connect it to the hose and nail it to the chicken coop wall.... Presto!

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