Need Ideas on raising Humidity in LG

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by 4roosandahen, Mar 9, 2008.

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    I am having humidity issues with my LG. I can't seem to get it past 40% and yes, I have checked batteries on my hydrometer and bought a new hydrometer so now I have two and a water wiggler in the LG. [​IMG] The hydrometers both read around the same. I have a cool mist humidifier in the room with the door closed. The temp on the still air LG is at 101. Wells are full of distilled water, there is a sponge in a small jar in the LG it also has water in it. My LG is sitting on a dresser no drafts in room(warmest room in the house upper 70's). Interesting as it is my room humidifier can only seem to get the room to a low normal on the humidity meter it has. I keep it running 24 hrs and I do know that at this point my humididty is ok(eggs are due to hatch on March 17th) My problem is how do I get it bumped up to around 80% when it is time to increase the humidity? Any suggestions??? [​IMG] I am being a worried hen:D . Hey, maybe I am nesting, lol

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    I personally don't get my humidity to 80% on day 18, I normally go for 65-70%. But to increase my humdity I put wet cotton balls in until I get the humidity where I want it.
    This is just me and other might have a better idea.

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    80 is too high. The chicks won't do well. Shoot for 65.
    I fill the wells and take a couple paper towels, fold and wet them,
    and place them to the sides of the wells. It's worked like a charm for
    me. If you load the wells and towels on day 18 you should get to 65%
    through day 21. If you have to add more water you can just poor it
    through the mess floor onto the towels. I'll usually end up with a little
    water coming out the vent holes in the bottom tray but that is ok.
  4. twigg

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Filters from room humidifiers are excellent.

    They wick moisture from trays very effectively .... much better than sponges or towle, etc.

    They are a little more expensive tho, but they are designed to do eggsactly what we want them to.
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    For small incubators you can wet socks and lay them around inthe incubator. They dry out kinda quick but they will get your humidty up.
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    Here is somthing that helped me with my LG cause the humidity would not budge. I took the bottom of the LG and filled in the holes! My DH put glass/glue like stuff to fill the holes and that way I was able to fill more water int he bottom of it. I was able to get it between 65-75%. Though I think anything above 70% will drown the babies, this tacktic worked like a charm! [​IMG][​IMG] I kept the humidity at about 68-69% and I was so happy!

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    Thanks again for the great ideas. I like to be prepared.....


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