Need ideas to help one legged chicken

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  1. OSHchickens

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    Jan 25, 2012
    One of my Brahmas only has one leg. When she was about a month and a half old she broke her leg (unsure exactly how.. most likely fell from a roost that was too high for her). She had an open fracture and they told me that we could either do some crazy chicken leg reconstruction with a rod that had a slim chance of working, euthanize her or try amputating the one leg. Thus she began her life as a one legged chicken. She has no problems getting around, lays well and is not at the bottom of the pecking order but in the past couple of days I have noticed that her leg seems to be bothering her. She is eating, drinking and laying normally but is spending a lot less time standing and stays close to the run while the others free range. There is nothing apparently wrong from looking at the leg, but it seems to be tender near the top and she doesn't seem to want it fussed with. My thought is that after almost a year of hopping around on one leg it must be beginning to wear on her. Brahmas are not a light breed and though she is smaller than the others, she is still fairly large. Is there something I could do to strengthen her leg or supplements/foods that I could give her to ease the pain she may be having in her joints? I don't want her to suffer and other than perhaps some leg pain she is in great health and the friendliest chicken we've got! Any ideas at all would be appreciated as these girls are pets, not food and we would like to keep them all around as long as possible.
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    Jul 11, 2012
    I have a one-legged hen myself and she sometimes lays around alot. What I do is to wash her with baby shampoo and dry her good. Then, take her into the house and make a soft bed. Next, Make sure she doesn't get up to much or else she'll hurt the foot worse. You should everyday touch the tender area and after 1 week or so she should be better and you can let her back outside or keep her inside![​IMG]
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    Sep 18, 2012
    ok I also have a pullet that has a dislocated leg that has healed but not in the correct possition. she also gets around well an has chicken friends she is not seperate from the other hens no one trys to attack her I got her from a friend as a chick with an injured leg . back in july . she eats an drinks loves hopping around the yard. my husband and older son say she is suffering. I had a nother hen about 6 years ago that had a leg hurt an she live a year till I had to put her down. but she didn't get a round well an I seperated her from the others. my chicken is healthy disabled but healthy. is she suffering ???? what is best ? how offten do you bath your chicken mine get dust baths in the yard like all the other chickens an I put mite previntion in the dust . disabled chickens are more prone to illness. thanks I hope this helps
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    If she is eating, drinking, getting around, not in any real pain...then I don't think she's suffering.
    Perhaps adding some joint supplement to the Brahmas diet may help the good bearing that weight is hard on it. Also some baby aspirn may help any discomfort. How far up is the leg amputated... I had thought of inventing artificial chicken legs....hehe.
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    Nov 30, 2011
    You could soaking her leg in some warm water. Warmth is always nice when your muscles are sore. Also look out for bumblefoot, just in case. It seems to me that would be devastating for a one legged chook.

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