Need ideas to separate chickens from Ducks


7 Years
Jul 20, 2012
We have 4 Indian runners and 4 silkie chickens. All same age but did not share the coop to start so ducks claim it as theirs. I regret getting ducks, but my husband wanted them for their tasty eggs...which they are not producing! They are messy, get the whole coop wet and are honory ...already had an accident with one of the chickens falling into the pond set up because they chase them. Husband n I are bumping heads and either I find a solution or I am thinking of giving up my babies so they will be happy and safe.
I kept my ducks in a small fenced in area with a dog house. You don't need a pond just a dish deep enough for them to stick there head in so they can keep their nasal passages clean. How old are the ducks? Mine took longer to start laying than my chickens. The days might also be getting too short for them to lay, you might need to put a light in the coop to extend the day length.

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