Need Info on Brower Incubator


11 Years
Jul 6, 2008
Central Oregon
A friend's dad found an incubator in storage. He thinks it was his fathers from many years ago. He would really like to use it to hatch some of his favorite roo's chicks.

This is the info printed on the incubator
Model 11400-3
WAT 105
Voltage 120

From what I have found online I think it must be a Brower but according to him it doesn't actually say that.

If anyone has any info on how to use this bator or where he can get a manual it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Deena
How about a picture??
I would love to send picture but he is a few 100 miles away and doesn't have a computer. So I haven't even seen it. Just trying to help him out because he has been really excited about it since he found the incubator. I offered to have him send me the eggs and I would hatch them and send the chicks back next time his daughter goes over but he really wants to do it himself. I did print him out the how to info on incubating and hatching.

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