Need Info Sick Banty Roo sounds stopped up and smells like infection


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Jun 19, 2007
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I just got a new banty roo he seems to be really young and he is really small I'm not sure what kind he is. I'm think more of a game because he is really colorful. Anyway, they guy I bought him from hauld him in a cage in the back of the truck and it was probably about 50 degrees at night. And now I think he has a cold. He's still eating and stuff but if you pick him up and hold he close, he really stinks like infection around his beak/nose. And he sounds kinda stopped up. And I'm wandering what I should do for him and do you think my other chickens will catch what he's got?
I would keep him separate from your flock for now, most definitely. Keep him warm. How long has been acting sick?

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can offer better information.
are you able to take him to a vet to determine if it's bacterial or virus?

if not..

I'd give Tylan 50 injectible, or erythromycin (sometimes called gallimycin or Ery-mycin)

you can get Tylan at most farm/feed/livestock supply stores in the livestock med section. also syringes..smallest you can find.
or online..

separate to a warm safe place..maybe with a warming light, no draft.
until you can get the med or take to vet:
put some apple cider vinegar in the water (1 tablespoon to 1 gallon of water)
it will help clear the mucus.
wash the mucus from face and beak with damp cloth.
give poultry vitamins if you have them..if not..Polyvisol children's vitamins..2 drops in beak for a week..then taper off.
give layer, unmedicated chick or grower feed, and some extra protein..such as cooked egg...
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