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I am new to the whole chicken raising thing... my husband works on a farm and his boss owns a rooster and 5 hens.. they lay eggs like crazy and all he does is eat them...i want to try and hatch a few for my own farm but do not know where to start... pleasee help..


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Look over our Incubating and Hatching Eggs Forum to read about the different types of incubators and how well they work. The other method to hatch eggs is to owm a hen that has gone broody. The chances are that all of this farmer's eggs are fertile Or you could ask whether he happens to have a broody, and could you borrow her long enough to hatch eggs. All she needs is a small safe area, a nest, food and water, and 21 days. There are also lots of threads in that same Incubating forum about broodies.

Yhere is also a lot of information in our Learning Center at the top of the page, under Hatching Eggs and Raising Chicks. Good luck!


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Welcome to BYC!

X2. Do some reading in the learning center in the Incubating Eggs article on how to hatch eggs. If you run into any issues during incubation or have any general questions, stop by our Hatching Eggs forums for lots of great help. Kelsie has left you with the links.

Hatching your own eggs is very rewarding and fun. Good luck and welcome to our flock!
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