Need Leahy 416 help

Jenny Leigh

Jun 15, 2017
We just bought a Leahy cabinet incubator. The guy said he replaced the fan motor. It seems to vibrate quite a bit and is noisy. Is that normal? I'm worried the vibrations will keep the eggs from developing. If anyone has a cabinet like this, I would appreciate your input.
I do not have one of these, but fans are fans. If its vibrating more than likely a blade is bent or a piece of a blade is missing/chipped causing it to be out of balance. Can you get to the fan to check?
I don't see any bent blades, not sure what's causing it or if it's normal. The noise is like a loud humming.
The only thing I can think to liken the vibration to is a pair of hair clippers. You can feel it in the trays.
The only thing I can think to liken the vibration to is a pair of hair clippers. You can feel it in the trays.
I am not seeing it but what you need to do is have the fan off and place something in front of the fan---where you can lay a pencil(something) close to the fan blade---then turn the blade by hand and see if each bladé stays about the same distance from the tip of the pencil(or what ever you are using). If a blade was bent it would be farther away or closer to the pencil.

For balance--If the fan turns free if one blade is heavier it will always go to the bottom----so mark the blade that's at the bottom with a marker----spin the fan a little and see if the same blade goes to the bottom----if it does then that blade is a little heavier----it needs to be lightened a little.
If the blade doesn't appear bent by checking as described above, I would suggest removing the fan blade and letting the motor run without it. If the vibration is still there the fan motor might have a bent shaft and will probably need to be replaced. If the vibration is gone, then I would try balancing the fan blade. Knot a piece of string so it won't fit through the hole in the fan and suspend the blade horizontally. If It doesn't hang flat, add weight to the blade that is highest. Whatever works, a paper clip, some drops of glue, etc. When it hangs flat it should be in balance. Then reinstall it and see how it runs.

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