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    Apr 24, 2009
    i am planning on building my own chicken coop with my 3 boys. they are teenagers. but im just starting out..i am still in the making of plans for my coop,!! lol as im looking over the site im i have to have warming lights if im not going to be lettig them hatch eggs and how many should i start out with? also i think around my parts i may have to start out with babies..?...idk i dont know anyone who also has chickens who would sell me a hen or 5 or a rooster..i really dont know what to do to start out..gezzz its gonna be a long process but i wanna do it right. ive got alot of room. i live on 200 +acres. i just need help.
    any info??

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    Feb 26, 2009
    Southern Pines, NC
    I would try looking on Craigslist for chickens. Hatching eggs is alot of fun, and you can raise your chickens to be used to being handled. I alway get either chicks or eggs.(mostly eggs) As far as the light goes, when it is really cold outside I keep a heat light on for the big chickens. Chicks need to be kept warm and dry until they are fully feathered. Good luck!
    Oh and [​IMG] !!!
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    Mar 27, 2009
    When i started i just bought a simple chicken arc and 3 hens from my uncles farm.. they arent particularly difficult to keep and if u have any problems theres loads of people on here u can consult.

    If you've got that much space it sounds like you could keep alot more than me but i'd start out small if you've never kept them before so you can get to grips with keeping them and then get more... and more and more.

    I'd fence off an area and make it safe from predators. All they'll need is a shelter, food and water.

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