Need Muscovy help


Jun 8, 2017
Last winter I got 3 duck hens and a drake. The girls started laying eggs in the last few weeks and are getting better by the day. AS of this past Monday, the lilac girl became broody and has a great, warm nest that she sits. As of today there are three eggs so guess she will continue to add to the brood as the week goes on. Anyway, I think I want to try letting her hatch them herself. So, my question is:

Should I separate the other three ducks (2 girls, 1 drake), from her and the babies just before they should hatch? Should I just desperate the drake? Should I take mom away once they are born?

How would you handle? They are currently all together in a 10 x 10 run with 4 x 6 coop.

At what point should I remove her from the ducklings (if/when they hatch) and put her back with the pack? Should I take her away when they are first hatched or let her stay with them until they are big enough to move in with the rest of the pack?

Sorry for all the questions. I've had chickens for years but never ducks, and never tried letting them keep their eggs.
If you're going to separate, separate right after the ducklings hatch or while they're hatching. If you move the nest before, she might abandon it. Also, to prevent a staggered hatch, do not let her add eggs for more than two days after the first began incubation. Even that is pushing it. Mark the ones she has and remove fresh ones daily.
Thank you both. I am going to give it a whirl. I planned to move the group to a new pen anyway, so I will move the other adults and let her stay with the existing nest and let her hatch out those three eggs.

Do you think the adults will accept her back later?

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