need pictures of roosts


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
I am about to build my roosts and was wondering if anyone has pictures of there roosts.. in particular, I want to see what you did to catch the poop.
I really like the idea of catching as much as I can. it will definitely keep the coop clean longer.
Here is what I used in my small, 6x6 coop.
Absolutely. The chickens spend most of their time outside this time of year so most of the poop is generated overnight while they are roosting. I just scrape it into a bucket every morning and then dump it into the compost pile. I doesn't take 5 minutes for my 12 chicken.
Schroeder -

How long is your roost? I'm planning on 12 hens and am about ready to build a roost of some sort. Yours looks real nice.

Thanks -
Mine is aprox 6 ft. Right now I have 12 chickens using it comfortably, but they aren't full grown at 11 weeks. From what I've read I think 12 full grown hens would need more.
Very Nice Schroeder.

I'm thinking of remodeling mine also and I like the idea of keeping it clean every day or maybe weekly. Should make the over all smell much better and make the litter last long.

Great design!

The easy to remove board is cool
Schroeder, I love your simple design. I am using it for an example. It is the last thing I have to do in my coop, then it's moving day (for the hens)!

Do your birds walk on the poop board? I was planning on putting a very open mesh wire at least 12" above the board to discourage them from walking on it.
Here are my roosts. I put wire over my dropping trays which effectively keeps my chickens from walking around in the poop. My chickens are full grown and use the roosts, but sometimes will still walk around on the wire between the trays and the roosts. The trays are easy to empty, and keep the coop cleaner (but not as clean as in this picture when the coop was new!).


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