Need Post Bumblefoot Surgery advice & black toenail in Pekin

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Apr 21, 2013
So we have had a Pekin duck for a couple of months that we rescued. We have no idea how old he or she is and we call it a she because it is the only one that doesnt have a drake feather and is alot smaller than the others, I guess only time will really tell. Quackers has fit right in with our others seems very happy and has really fattened up she was sickly skinny when we got her. When we got her we noticed that her feet were irritated but nothing to cause a huge alarm we just cleaned everything every day or every other day. She has a toenail that is broken and black that doesnt like to be messed with (it is still there) and had some scratches and what not and some irritation on the bottoms. Well we noticed the big bumbs and scabs this past week on both feet and after researching alot online last week, decided that is was definately bumble foot. My husband and I did minor surgery on each foot 3 nights ago and we definately did find a plug and pulled that out (it was as hard as a rock and about bean sized) but there was no pus. You can definately tell they are healing but one foot still has a big knot on it but after opening it up again we still find no pus or anything in it. This is also the foot that has the irritated black broken toenail and there is swelling around the toenail. She seems more irritated with the toenail than what we are doing with her feet, we are curious if something needs to be done about the toenail?

My question about the bumble foot post surgery is how should we be treating it I have been seeing alot of mixed advice on this. Also should it still be looking swollen up or does this mean we didnt get enough out? So far she has been in the guest bathroom and we here in the bathtub with a gate infront of it... she is getting more and more irritated and anxious by the day from being by herself closed up in the bathroom all day. When can we let her back outside?

So far our method has been changing our the dressing morning and night. We have been doing a warm epsom salt water soak after removing the dressing and then peroxide rinse then I usually hold her for 20-30 mins wrapped in a towel with her feet out to make sure everything is nice and dry and then we apply neosporin and a cotton ball and wrap with vet wrap. Her feet are staying moist though and that conerns me. We usually wash the tub out several times a day and dry it and put her back in so she isnt walking through the poop too much but I am starting to wonder if it just wouldnt be better to let her be outside and just prevent her from swimming?

We really have no idea what we are doing as our other ducks have never had any issues but she seems to be fine, she is eating and drinking and walking normal and isnt even bothered with u s wrapping or unwrapping her feet anymore. There does seem to be scabs forming but they are very soft
Switch from epsom salt soaks to a betadine soak. 25% betadine to 75% water. Dry the foot as you have been doing and bandage with the neosporin. Peroxide can kill the skin cells that are trying to regenerate.

Can you keep her out of the water for a while so things start to dry and heal? I don't see why she can't go back with her buddies if they aren't picking on her.

Concerning the toe nail. While soaking use a cotton swab to gently clean the toenail (I know it must be painful) and then post a closeup picture to the top and bottom. The nail might have to come off if it is holding in an infection.
probably a silly question but is betadine completely different than Iodine?

Also seen a lot of people saying they havent been changing their bandages nearly as often as we have and i will try to get some pictures tonight of her toenail and feel
Never a silly question here!

I tried to find the answer but was not able to. I wouldn't substitute one for the other though.

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