Need Prayers-Cousin Brutally Murdered, he was so young


12 Years
Nov 21, 2007
I came home from homecoming Saturday night, and my mother told me that my cousin Joseph was murdered. He was in his early 20's. I don't have a lot of details as of yet, but I will post what I know. As he got older, he started to ''hang with the wrong crowd'' and got into drugs and such. And he started hanging around behind a bowling alley. I don't know what he was doing back there, but he was told that he shouldn't be around there as this was a bad area and homeless people lived there. They found him dead behind there sometime over the past week. He was beaten to death with a blunt object. We moved to another state, so I haven't seen him in about 4 years. I seen him more around the time I was younger, like 6-7. He was a little strange, but still a nice young man. The problems he got into were not all his fault. His mother [my father's sister]had a very traumatic event happen to her a long time ago, so ever since she has been extremely unstable mentally [would break down and cry hysterically randomly] and was not a very strong woman. She was suicidal, and actually commited suicide by jumping out of a car door on the highway 4 years ago. His father used drugs and alcohol heavily for much of his life, and died 2 years ago from drug/alcohol related reasons. Joseph has two siblings, a sister Lauren who is in her late teens and in college. For reasons I do not know, she literally almost never talks. She is very smart and pretty but simply does not talk, probably because of self esteem issues, etc. He also has an older brother who is in his late 20's who has been in and out of jail most his life due to his robbing of houses. This probably all seems strange, that this family has went through so much. I will let you know more once we find out. This is a very sad time for the family, and please keep them in your prayers.
I'm so sorry!
to you in your time of need.
I'm so sorry! I dont know what to say...
please just know that you and your family are in my thoughts.

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