Need Quail Incubating Specifics....

Discussion in 'Quail' started by UrbanMama, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Sep 27, 2008
    Why is it that when I think I know what I'm doing...I read something else that contradicts what I think I know? [​IMG]
    Okay, here are my specific questions....

    -Incubation period for buttons and coturnix. (I've heard anywhere from 16-18 days for last buttons hatched day 17)
    -Which leads me to the next conflicting topic...which day to stop turning.
    -And last..which day to bump up the humidity. The day you stop turning or the day you expect them to hatch?

    My original research...Buttons 16 days and Coturnix-18. The specific day they hatch isn't that significant except that thats how you know when to stop turning...right? 3 days before they're "due" right? Oui've [​IMG]

    Oh and one more question...can coturnix and buttons hatch and brood alongside each other? Or should I try and divide my hatcher somehow?
  2. PurpleChicken

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Stop turning at the end of day 14. I shoot for at least a 65% humidity
    after that.

    I've had them hatch anywhere from day 15 to 20, but day 17 is
    always my target.

    I've had buttons in with Coturnix but don't remember much of a hatching time
    difference. Quail are tough little things when it comes to hatching.
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    Quote:I've had coturnix hatch on day 16 and day 18
    I've had buttons hatch all on day 16
    I always stop turning them at 14-15 to be safe [​IMG]

    I bump up humidity on the day I stop turning myself [​IMG]

    Yes they can. Every batch so far of coturnix i've raised buttons right in with them. Some say it's mean and that the coturnix step on them. I've never had that problem. My coturnix are only snooty to a button quail that doesnt move when they tell it to move and that's only when they're adults i've had that.

    I have 3 button quails outside with my adult flock of coturnix, no problems. Once the buttons know that "cha-da cha-da!" means "get way from my food now!" the coturnix don't peck at them then. I have one button hen to had to learn the hard way what that noise means. She had to be removed to heal and now she knows to stay out of their way. [​IMG]

    My main flock of coturnix thought my hen button quail Pippin was their mama. LOL
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    I agree with all that is posted...I wonder what it is about those silly coturnix that makes them hatch at so many different times...probably a natural thing? Spread out leaves more time for better conditions? I don't know but sure like them!

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