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    Feb 6, 2013
    My kids need some birds ready for end of July show. Any idea where I can purchase them?

    My oldest son wants a wheaten rosecomb bantam. Our new dog got his grand champion. Dog was given to my mom after that. Seriously the dog worked on the locked coop till he broke in. New better locks now too. Grrrr

    My other son wants a brama bantam. His was grand in his glory days.

    My daughter wants a weaten rosecomb bantam hen or similar. They are just so sweet. Ours died of loneliness after rooster was killed. Sigh.

    My other daughter wants a barred cochin bantam hen. She showing her barred rooster that was hatched by the mama in the fall. But wants him to have his own lady.

    We have lots of white silkies but those are too hard to keep looking show quality.

    I am also hoping to pick these up in Michigan or have them shipped to me.

    Thanks for any leads.
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