Need Some Advice About Adding New Chickens To My Flock


7 Years
Apr 18, 2012
W. Sayville, New York
Hello friends,

I had bought a straight run of chicks about eight weeks ago, three ended up being roos. A local farmer had three 8 week old Barred Rock pullets. We traded. The new chickens are pecking at my four (three RIR and especially my Easter Egger).

I was told by a friend that I needed to separate them for a while. So I have separated the pen with chicken wire and will have the new chickens sleep in our old brooder (the second one we build out of an old refrigerator box), instead of our coop.

Does this sound right? How long do you suggest I keep them separate? Any help would be appreciated.
Integrating new birds into a flock always causes some disruption in the pecking order. Generally it is a good idea to quarantine any new birds, but it is too late for that. Keep them separated by the wire for a period of time then add one of the new birds to the old flock. Once things settle down (days not hours) add another and so on. There will always be squabbling until they figure their positions out. As long as there are no physical injuries and/or serious bleeding they will eventually work out their social positions.
Thank you so much for your response. I realized after I got home last night with them, that they should have been quarantined. ( I am new to this). I will bring the first one in - probably the mellowest, and as you suggested, keep adding. Hoping since they are so young, it should'nt be too difficult. Thanks again!

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