Need Some Advice on Broody Hens with Different Timed Eggs


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Aug 6, 2020
Tasmania, Australia
Yes your idea is good. Put the second set of chicks under heat lamp with food & water. When broody #2 has hatched her remaining eggs, put the older chicks back with her at night, & do so before she has gotten a good look at her younger chicks. When broody #2 takes all her chicks out the next morn for the first time & shows them where the food is, she will be very impressed at how smart her chicks are, that they already know how to find food! 😁 im laughing, but i have used the above scenario many times each year. In my case, i get chicks of breeds i want from the feedstore or a hatchery, and wait for a broody to hatch her own chicks. I then then slip the feedstore chicks in with her at night, before she ever takes her own chicks out of the nestbox. Has worked every time!
Thanks for the advice. Lucky there's only 4 days between these sets of chicks so it's a bit less complicated than the first lot 😄
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