Need some emotional support... (Warning: Sad Story)

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Thanks guys... I decided to delete it because I didn't want to upset anyone. I'm okay. My pets are okay. Just wanted to share a story involving a wild duck that had been weighing heavy on my mind.

In this case TLDR was "Too Long, Depressing Read" :)


May 9, 2015
So glad to hear you and you lovelies are ok. You seem to have a very big heart, I feel it, I'm the same way. I live in a neighborhood where everyone has at least one dog, at the very very least haha, and whenever I see they need help whether they're thirsty and I am watering plants so I'll let them drink from my water can through the fence or when ones lost I'll wearily walk them back home. One day a car came by and hit one of my neighbors dogs I think I was way more upset than he was. Anyways sorry to write your eyes off if you ever feel like sharing those feelings I'm here to read :)
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