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    Needless to say I am awful at math.
    I am trying to figure what the degree of angle is for one of the brooder doors i have to build.

    left side: 28 3/8"
    right side: 20.5"
    base: 46 1/8"
    top(angled part): 46.75"

    I am hoping someone can tell me how to go about finding the angle. searched all over about right trapezoids/trapeziums, etc. would Really appreciate any help.
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  2. tymimo

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    Assuming you have square corners, you have a right triangle at the top of 7.825 (28.375 - 20.5) x 46.125 creating an angle of 9.63

    I used this triangle calculator.

    Hope this helps,
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  3. chfite

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    Absent anything else, you could draw it on some cardboard, fiddle with it until the cardboard fits, then make the keeper.

  4. Bleenie

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    Thank you guys very much for the help. I went to that link and figured it out myself too, just so i knew how to do it in the future!

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