Need some help on hatching times please


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May 14, 2011
Ok i have these eggs in my bator pheasant where put in the bator may 19th and so was some of the buttons. Then the 20th the rest were put in there. When should I expect them to hatch with bator temp set at 100 degree?

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have bator set at 100 degrees
When will these babies hatch do you think. Not sure which hatch at what days. let me know thanks
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so you suppose to take them out the bator a few days before hatch and they won't get cold inside and die. I was told to leave them in until the day they hatched?

Why do some people say that it is 16 days for pheasant to hatch but on the chart is says 22-28 days? Wow so many things are said lol and no idea which ones to use for more likely ness lol
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Some people move them from the incubator to a special hatcher for lockdown. The temperature is the same, the humidity is higher, and the incubator is not as hard to clean. Or you can leave them in the incubator.

I don't do pheasant so I cannot help you with that one.
awesome from what i can see my buttons that went in on the 19th should be done on May 5th right? I was told that if I put it at 100 or 100.5 that they will hatch few days early so not sure how true that is or not. Thanks for your help. I hope they all do great. and hope i get at lest 98% hatch rate but you never know lol
The article doesn't mean you stop incubating the eggs prior to hatch, but to stop turning them

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