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Mar 5, 2010
Ok well I have RIRs i have about 20 or so to many to count. But I need help because none of them are laying in there box and I believe most of them are feather changing. So can this be the reason there not laying yet. I always have them free ranging with no feed but since they chaning feathers I bought some feed and have them locked in there 10x30 open coop. If the feathering is the problem how can I help them get out of chaning quicker?
This has never happened to me

Hpw old are they? I was thinking they could be laying in a nest somewhere but since you keep them in a locked coop. Have they ever layed eggs?
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Hi There!

Feather Changing is called molting, it's quiet normal for chickens to molt. Normally when a molting happens egg production comes to a stop or declines. The reason mainly is because the change of feathers is very stressful and takes up a bit of fat and proteins within the bird. The best I would recommend is to give your girls some Oyster Shell, monitor them for feather picking and mites.

Good Luck!
I have the same questions about age and if and when they began laying.
If they are going through a molt there is nothing you can do to make them go through it faster. You can help with their feather growth by providing more protein, some say, but if it is a molt it will just take as long as it will take.
What are you feeding them now?
You say "not laying yet". How old are they? They may be too young.

"Free ranging with no other feed". Might not be getting enough protein in their diet. That could be the reason for feather loss and not laying. They may also be laying somewhere and you haven't found the eggs. You may also have snakes, squirrels, any kind of critter stealing the eggs.

I'd suggest spending more time watching them (and counting) to see what's really going on.
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They are 11months old they have been laying so I know its not there to young. What can I put to make sure I dont get mites?
Have you checked them for mites to make sure that their feather loss is not currently due to that? If your question is just preventative you might try sprinkling the nest boxes, roosts and hay or shavings or whatever you are using with DE (Food grade, also known as Fossil Shell Flour).

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