Need some info. Hens not laying.

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One Handy Chick
15 Years
Jan 7, 2009
I have 3 female lemon cuckoo orpingtons.1 roo. Ok here is the thing. One of the girls has been laying eggs since August 18th. They all hatched the same day. The other 2 have not laid any. Not even a a poop that looks like one. eggs. I do give them all the same layer feed and they are out for several hours a day. I know they are not eating the eggs. That would be a fact. I am wondering if there is too much inbreeding with the line. I bought the eggs on ebay. Two of the hens are missing the middle toenail on one foot. Same foot same toenail. The other hens has hers. I am just stumped to what is wrong with them. I am telling you I am going to have them for dinner if they so not produce anything by the end of November. Maybe that will be our Thanksgiving Bird!!! All that money and only one that will lay an egg. They get fresh water every day. It's still warm enough here. I just don't get it. They are over 6 months old.
Some individuals just take a lot longer to get started, particularly if they are from a real breeder and have been bred to type. I would not give up that soon. I know of one true Ameraucana who did not lay until she was a year old.
Yes, what flockwatcher said is correct. They all mature at different rates. Last year I had a welsummer pullet that didn't lay until 11 months. She laid for a couple months then went broody.
Thay you for the info. I did not know it could take that long. I will wait until spring. I have a couple of eggs in the incubator from the one hen that is laying just in case. Problem is we might lose our power Mon/Tues from hurricane Sandy. More than likely. We don't have the best Electric co.It's not cmp. It's Bangor hydro. You can sneeze and the power goes out.'s gonna be a long week.
I have the same problem.i have 1 americanua homhas been laying for morenthan a month, and one has not started laying yet. They both haventhe same bday.
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