Need some Quail Transportation help


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5 Years
May 14, 2014
This year my friend and I decided we would raise 400 or so Flight Conditioned quail to sell. Well, the quail are 20+ weeks old now, fully conditioned and it looks as though we have a buyer for them. We have only one small problem. What do we transport them in? Are there boxes out there that can hold 50 or so quail that we can purchase fairly cheap and use to take the quail to the person?

Thank you very much in advance for any advice
Thats a good question, lol. Someone might know Im sure other people have moved them. I was going to suggest chicken moving boxes, they are plastic crates that stack well but with quail as soon as you open the door to put one in the other run out. I use cat carriers to move mine and you have to really watch those buggers they know to run. If its something your going to keep doing you may want to design your own boxes so you have them next time. Some light plywood, lots of air holes but small enough they cant get out and a small door so you can control who is going where.
Transporting them ourselves. Some guy told me today to use a produce box that grocery stores use. I was thinking about putting about 25 in each box.

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