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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Luminide, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I've found the most beautiful duck I'd love to add to my flock. She's absolutely perfect- and a rescue duck at that! The problem is, she's in Utah. I've contacted her current owner and they've told me they can indeed ship her to me, but it has to be ground shipping. After some looking, I've found that UPS has all birds on their "prohibited" list and I'm not sure where else to check. Do any of you have suggestions? (And maybe some price estimates?)

    Thank you!
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    You will find that the US Postal Service is the only service that will ship live birds. And they need to be shipped in proper, certified boxes.

    This is what I do:
    This is a link to the people I get boxes from. I don't ship many adult birds, so if someone wants an adult I have them go on here and buy a box. Then they send it to me and I ship the bird for them.

    What type of duck and how old is the one you want?
    The price to ship it will depend on how much the bird weighs as well as the distance it needs to go.

    I have one (an adult male welsh harlequin) that I will be shipping out once I get the box. From ME to NY it will take 2 days, and will cost her about $25 to ship. But they can also be overnighted (I think they can overnight ship any of them, and the cost us usually the same, about $40-45).

    I would talk to the people you want to buy her from. See if they have shipped poultry before. If not, then see if they can overnight the duck to you. It may cost more, but will be better for the duck not to have to spend extra time in transit.
    If they can't and have to send it ground, be sure they put adequate food in the box for traveling. I put watermelon or grow gel (even for adults) as they need some sort of hydration during the trip.

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