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    I have 5 hens and a roo that are all 1 1/2 year old come January. They stopped laying to one egg a day to every other day. I'm fine with that. They live in a large 12x16 cement floored coop with heated roosts and an attached 18 x 30 run. I just rescued 12 more hens that range in age from 3-9 months old. Friend had a tragic house fire. I'm having a couple issues.

    1.My auto door I built has closed the new hens out into the run. I can't get his hens to go into the coop at night unless I leave a light on. I changed the timing on my door and do not like leaving artificial light on as I want them to lay when they feel the need. What else can I do?

    2 It snowed 4" so far and they will not go into the run. What do I do to get them outside? I did snow blow their run last year but this
    year I will not be able to as I tore tendons off the bone in my elbow and will be having surgery soon.
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    It may be months before they are through arranging their new social order. The ones sleeping outside may not see the coop as theirs yet. You could put them on the roost by hand after dark; they aren't likely to move at that point. I agree with not leaving a light on in the coop, especially all night. Hopepfully after a few nights they will accept this and start going in on their own. Or you can let them figure it out.

    The ones who are reluctant to go out in snow may start going out in time. Perhaps you could fix some sort of makeshift roof or even a tarp to keep most of the snow out.
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