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    Aug 27, 2009

    I posted a few days ago about our EE and her eagle/penguin walk. It sounds like she's an Internal layer and that there isn't much we can do for her. She is still isolated from the flock in an air conditioned (but not too cold clime) and is eating with coaxing mostly stuff like multi grain bread and water-into a mush. We give her daily sitz baths with a little baking soda-in hopes of drawing out some of the toxins inside. I also olive oil her bum. She is still pooping okay-nothing runny. I know she's on borrowed time buy her quality of life is still okay (eating, drinking, greeting us, pooping, peeing). I'm also keeping her room dimmer so that she's not prone to lay as much-according to some website research I did. Is there anything we can give her besides what we're doing to make her comfortable until her time?[​IMG]

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    How is your chicken doing? It sounds like you are doing as much as you can for her. Mine gobbled up yogurt and tuna when she was sick in May and that seemed to give her the strength to get over it. I kept her in a dark, humid environment, though, rather than cool. I think I read that would help the egg pass, but I don't really remember now.
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    How is your poor girl? I have never had that problem...yet (*knocking frantically on wooden table*) but I like the idea of yogurt and tuna for her. Protein and pro-biotics! Sounds good to me.

    I see that you're from NV...come check out our thread. There is quite a few people that are very knowledgable on there that may be able to help. Hope to hear good things about your girl. I love my EE's and hate the thought of her suffering.

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