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Right after Christmas last year I started getting sick. I would vommit early in the morning and couldn't eat anything until after lunch time. The sight and smell of food would make
me sick.I was throughing up everyday. At Christmas I weighed 155lbs. Mid January I weighed 125 lbs. That is alot of weight lost in a short amount of time. I had had enough and went to the doctor. The nurse practioner thought I had gallblader problems. I had an ultrasound done as well as a heitis(spelling?) scan done to make sure it was working right. Both tests came back normal. Nurse Practioner sent me to gallblader specialist. Specialist said right then that was not what was wrong. My stomach was as hard as a rock that day. He said it was either my stomach or intestines. Sent me to a gastroligist. First thing was X rays and CT scans. Then Endoscopic and Colonscopy. Nothing was found. Meanwhile I am still throughing up everyday. Next test was a nuclear gastro empting test. Thats where a guy in a lab coat makes you a nice cooked egg to taste, toast, gritts, and gelly breakfast. The eggs is radioactive. They test how long it takes that egg to travel through your stomach into your intestines. Thats where they found the problem. Diagnosis--->gastropersis. The muscle that grinds the food in my stomach no longer works. After 4 hours 79% of the food I eat is still in my stomach.
For most people its less than 20%. My stomach nolonger growls when I am hungry. I don't have hunger pains, I just get very weak very fast. I rarely get cravings for anything. I have to force myself to eat. Some days are better than others, but I am very depressed over this.

BTW this only affects women, and most have diabetes.It is very rare for someone who does not have diabetes to have this The only drug on the market that could help at the time was Reglan. That drug was just pulled from the market because it caused Parkinson's like side effects.

Fast forward to today. I have not gained much weight back. I am constantly sick. Three weeks ago I got the flu. In four days it turned into pneumonia. I just finished the meds last week when this week I got a cold/sinus infection. Doc says my immune system is just about non existent. Since feb 12 I have been to the doctor four times. I just want to feel good again.

I am sorry I have rambled on so long. I just don't have many people to talk to about this.
what about meal replacement shakes.. like ensure or boost, these would be easily to digest requiring little to no muscle action

there is a meal replacement drink called resource. we give it to the seniors in the nursing home who have difficulty eating
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I wish I had advice, but all I have are
. Hope
you get some answers/help soon - do they know what causes the stomach muscle to stop working?
The ensure and boost was what got me through before I could eat in the morning again. What bad is I dont' have diabetes. I was violently ill in 2007. Had something like food posioning or stomach flu. I was vommiting even water. I was so dehydraded that they put me in the hospital for IV's I was running a 104 temp. Doc thought my stomach never recovered, just sputtered along before stopping completly.

People at work are not supportive at all. They make fun of me because of my baggy clothes. I can't afford to buy new jeans every two weeks as I loose weight. I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in 1 month. I just really hate being sick all the time...

Thanks guys for the hugs and support:D
Ohhh, I'm sending our love and prayers......Do you have any access to raw milk? There is something that is so comforting and good for you in that...I once lost so much weight and it really helped me be able to sip on that during the day and it was very easily digestible.

There is a "raw milk" website that lists available places to buy....If you cannot find it and are interested, please pm me and I'll find for you.
Wow, what a mess..

I hope they can help you soon..??
What are they going to do about it? I hope you start feeling better very soon..
hope you get the meds you need and relief soon!
My MIL died of cancer before her lawsuit against the makers of reglan could be completed. The drug needs more testing!
ETA....Prayers and
for healing!
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