Need testing advice from Texas people


10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
Canyon Lake, TX
Is there any way to have your flock tested to find out if there are any communicable dieases, without any symptoms? I looked at the TVMDL at Texas A&M's website, but there are so many tests. How would you know what to test for?

I have ten chickens and all were purchased this year or last, as started birds (my husband wouldn't let me have any chicks). I've read and tried to practice Speckledhens rules of biosecurity. Except for the original 4 (because they were the first), I quarantine my birds for a minimum of 30 days, miles away from my coop. One of my BR became sick shortly after I brought her home. I took her to the vet and he advised me that it was not contagious, but was due to stress and the fact that I had her in the garage near gasoline and paint cans (yes, yes, I know, very stupid, I wasn't thinking). Long story short, she's as good as new and is actually my best layer, 1 large egg a day since she started laying in May. With the exception of my swollen cheeked other BR (no other symptoms and it doesn't bother her, so I left it alone) I haven't had any other illnesses

My silkie just hatched 3 chicks, that I might give away. After watching PC's horribly sad MG post, I would hate to send any fuzzy-ticking-timebombs to someone else's flock. How do I know that they're in the clear?
The adults are not dead, not to be funny but that's a pretty safe test. If you have had the adults for a over 3 months and they all appear healthy , then your birds probably are.

The person you sell them to should still do the standard biosecurity , keep them separate for about 30 days,. from their flock.

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