Need to drastically expand a run, any suggestions?

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    May 5, 2016
    I originally built an 8' X 12' x 8" chicken run with standard chicken wire, before I finished the run my wife changed the scope and decided it was going to be a Mandarin Duck (2M and 1F) pen. Our chickens have their own coop and we free range them so they don't need the chicken run anymore. I added a 4' X 4' X 8' enclosed pen for the ducks. She later added homing pigeons (2M and 2F). It wasn't until recently that we ended up with 3 peacocks (2F and 1M) which she added to the pen and now I think we need to expand.


    You may also notice that a lionhead rabbit also lives in the pen with the birds and so far everyone gets along but the male peacock is young and doesn't have a large tail yet. As of right now they all seem happy to use the small box they are sitting on in the picture for shelter during the rain.

    I have enough room to significantly expand the pen but I am having trouble deciding how big to make the pen and if I should switch from the standard chicken wire to 1/2 inch hardware cloth. Currently I am thinking about expanding the pen to 12' X 20' X 8' but I was also thinking about switching to 2x4 instead of the 2x2s I used on the original run. Also does anyone know if I used a netting for the top would it keep out predators? We had a weasel in the area we think it injured one of the Mandarin Ducks through the chicken wire and that is making me lean towards using hardware cloth everywhere but I could probably reduce the cost a little if netting would work for the top.

    My existing structure is built from 13 4x8 foot panels that are bolted together so I have tear it apart or expand it easily. I am thinking that I need to make it more permanent. I know I have been rambling a little here but I would love to hear any suggestions the forum might have.

    1) What would be a good size enclosure for 3 peacocks (keep in mind my wife will probably buy other birds at some point to add to this enclosure)

    2) Does netting work well? If so what is recommended?

    3) Should I use chicken wire or hardware cloth (1/2 inch)?

    4) Use pressure treated or paint regular lumber?

    5) When I expand the shelter what size will be good for the peacocks? I was planning on keeping the exisiting shelter for the Mandarin Ducks, rabbit, and pigeons.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    I think the modular panels are the way for you to go. Just keep expanding as needed. ONLY YOU WILL KNOW IF IT IS BIG ENOUGH. We are not there with you to judge size. .
    Netting works well for the top, but is obviously not very predator proof. It is good against flying raptors like hawks.
    Hardware cloth is quite predator proof, but does get expensive when you need a lot of it.
    Chicken wire is not very predator proof against some of the stronger predators like raccoons, weasels may be able to get thru it as well.
    Pressure treated lumber is safe to use. I have a stockade fence along one side of my run, and my chickens are alive and well and do live long lives. Fence is treated lumber. Treated will last a long time. Painted will rot at ground contact in short time.
    Think about these points and ask more questions please.[​IMG]


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