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Apr 16, 2017
We bought what we thought was a few-days-old Welsummer in mid-March. Definitely looked like a Welsummer chick back then. Now, at 8 weeks or so, we're wondering if we really did get a Welsummer. Here are a few photos. Note the diverse coloring of the wing (which s/he is spreading out in the second photo) and black neck feathers (but no distinct black chest feathers yet). We're also not sure if we have a pullet or cockerel. The comb and wattles haven't grown much over the past two weeks. So we need help figuring out the breed and sex! Thanks!!!

Chickens 5-11-17 - 4.jpg
Chickens 5-11-17 - 5.jpg
Chickens 5-11-17 - 6.jpg
Seems to me to be a Welsummer cockerel, just looking at the tail feather development (some feathers seem to be curving, just like that of a young rooster). Also, you noted the fast growth of his comb and wattle, which happens around this time in a cockerel. Did you get the chick at a local breeder or a more well-known business, because the larger businesses tend to make less breed errors and more sexing errors (from my experience). I could be wrong about the breed, but almost positive it's a cockerel.
We purchased the chick (Welsummer straight run) at a local farm supply store. We wanted a pullet for the dark brown eggs and decided to take our chances (50/50). But we can't keep roosters in our back yard, so he'll need a new home (assuming he's definitely male) ...
Not a welsummer, definitely a cockerel. Was this bought at a retail store, private person or? When you say it looked like a welsummer are you referring to the down pattern? The pattern of welsummer chocks is also common to many other breeds and crosses

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