need to know what these color varietities are from BB d'anvers


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Apr 5, 2012
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I bought a dozen eggs from BBB (Boggy Bottoms Bantams) in June that I incubated and hatched. The eggs were labeled "12 very rare assorted colors" of BB d'anvers. The chickens are now 4 months old. I can guess colors like black, mottled and silver quail but I'm stumped with the other color varieties. If you know or have any info, I'd be most appreciative! There are a few other chicken breeds in the pen - I know what they are, but sometimes they share in the photo! Thanks!

Mottled roo

Mottled roo on right with mystery color hen

Same hen as pic above. I call her Robin because she has an orange breast and looks like one! Any idea?

Mystery color chix in back. Lavender? Chix beside splash Silkie is Creole or barred?

Mystery color is on far right- puffy butt-view!

Barred or creole on right?

Silver Quail hen on left

Another barred or Creole?

The only true black d'anver

The mystery-colored chicken again

yes the first barred pullets are from my crele project birds, look close to about done in those
The blue is blue or blue cuckoo, cant see it clear enough to tell if it's one of the barred ones or not.
Then also looks like some cuckoo. They are if they dont have any color in the barring
all the others you have right

Oh and thanks ramirezframing
LOL I'm a he though
sorry bbb was going on the names Aubrey and Aimee in you sig

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