Need to re-home a SLW. Any suggestions?

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Well, I've decided I need to re-home my SLW. Nothing we've done has stopped her picking habit, and I am tired of having her locked up in "chicken jail" when I'm not around. She's been locked up for at least 2 weeks now, and just a few minutes ago, I saw her go after my EE like nothing had changed.

I want to re-home her to someone local. Then I'll get a couple more bantam chicks to round out my flock.

I'm in Round Rock, TX. My SLW is 1 year old this month; she lays small-sized brown eggs. She's laid a few giant ones in the past, but now they're small. She hasn't fully molted yet. She was fed Purina medicated chick crumbles until she began laying, and she's been on Dumor laying crumbles ever since. She LOVES to eat, and will be the first one there if you dole out treats.
She's somewhat tame, but not friendly, if that makes sense. She doesn't like to be held, and will flap her wings in your face any chance she gets.

She's had one course of antibiotics in her life, but it was a preventative for the flock since one of the others was having a hard time with fowl pox. She's had dry fowl pox for sure, and possibly a bit of "wet" pox, because her voice changed while she had the pox. No ill effects as far as I can tell. She hasn't been wormed. She's had blood in one dropping a couple of times (widely separated events) but hasn't shown any symptoms of any problems.

If anyone is interested, send me a PM.


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What you need to do is place an ad in the auction area. Could be someone will take her. Perhaps a new environment will mess up her habit. I'm closing this one since it is basically a for sale ad. Just put in the topic "FREE", if that's what you want to do is just rehome her.
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