Need wisdom building a duck coop


6 Years
Apr 26, 2016
Kansas City, Kansas
I here so much about chicken coops but not for ducks. I bought a chicken coop and need to know if I should elevate the housing,..chickens like that but do ducks need to be elevated? Momma duck is kinda thick and about 9yrs old. Also this thing seems flimsy,..what is Important to reinforce,.does animals dig under to get in? If I make an additional run should it have a roof? I have an acre of land so they can have free range,..I want them safe at night,..we have foxes, coyotes and several raccoons live nearby and opossums,.. what mistakes can I avoid?
Do not use chicken wire!!! Completely useless!! Hardware wire is great! And that thick welded stuff. A picture of the coop would be great! Then we could give you more advice and understand this better!
I'm raising a mixed flock. The prefer to sleep in your raised coop. If you are just planning a duck house just leave it as low as possible. I would make it as easy as possible to clean it out. Ducks are a lot messier than chickens. I would make a roof over part of the run for shade. If you plan on having a pond try to make a filter system so you don't have to waste a lot of water. Also install a drain system to make water changes quicker and easier for you.
Always go overboard with making run and house supper safe.
You'll sleep better knowing that they are safe
Yes the lower the coop the better. We might make a small pond. we use a kiddie pool. Yes it’s a lot of work refilling it and dumping it. I did end up getting a syphon, which made things so much easier. I let it drain out on its own after we put away the ducks. in the morning I just refill it before I head to work. Yes it’s a waste of water and some work but they get fresh water daily. :idunno:love
Do you have pics of the coop you are going to use/modify? I'm a huge fan of hoop coops/walk in coops for ducks. Mine never did do well with a ramp and hate going into a traditional raised coop with a small entrance.
I second @casportpony — a wheelbarrow fitting through the door is top notch!

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