need wood burning stove opinions

We put in a soap stone stove this winter. Our total gas cost was $159.00, burned lots of wood that did cost us some in gas to cut and haul the wood. Best investment we ever made. No smoke releases into the house. We enjoyed keeping the fire going, knowing our labor was all it was costing us. This was the longest winter I remember, at least the fire kept us busy. The temp never fell much below 68 degrees. We kept our thermostat at 64 so the furnace rarely needed to go on. These stoves are made in Vermont, they are not cheap. We figure we saved over 1000.00 last season which is less than 1/3 of the cost of the stove. We keep our old time porcelain coffee pot on top of it with water in it for humidity. I believe the brand is Heritage. This was a beautiful addition to our home.
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I would absolutely recommend an outdoor stove. You have to fill it less often and it can fit longer peices. Also house insurance usually goes down.
Soapstone stoves are awesome! They take longer to heat up but they hold the heat longer, even after the fire dies back. I suggest a non-catalytic stove. Stoves with catalytic burners are required in some areas because they reduce emissions, but the catalytic burners also need to be removed and replaced periodically and they limit the types of wood you can wet wood, no pine, etc.

this link has lots of reviews on it.

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I got an old free standing wood/coal burner. Cost ALOT less then these new ones. Works great (just have the heat rise so no messing with duct work) we have been cutting and splitting all our wood. I also use the heat to help dry my clothes all winter. I love it! It saves use a cpl thousand every winter (we buy oil) and since we got an older 'antique' we save hundreds or more on the initial cost. I wouldn't get an outside one personally because the snow here can be much to deal with. Also easier to run downstairs to load up and can still hear the kids upstairs. Good luck mine has been a great investment.
Wood is all we heat with.....we have electric baseboard and I dont recall the last time it was even used.

Thought about an outdoor unit but reviews are sketchy on them. We get alot of wet conditions here in the mountains and they seem to rust badly even when housed.

When the current stove has had enough (newer model) I will be putting an older unit in, these new stoves just do not put out the heat.

Firewood is a weekly chore here


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