Need your help guys! Injured duck not eating

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by comp6512, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Dec 3, 2008
    We had a bobcat attack, he grabbed the duck by the neck, but dropped her when I ran out there. The duck survived, but is sitting in the pond all day and not eating.
    I saw her drinking water from the pond, so I know she can swallow. Not sure she is not eating because she cannot swallow dry food, or because it's a struggle for her to get on the shore to eat. At night when all other ducks get out from the pond and walk into the pen, she is struggling behind. We had to carry her into the pen a few times. The legs seem to be OK.

    I will put her into the separated area tomorrow and will try to feed her. Any suggestions what to feed her outside of dry food (in case she cannot swallow dry food). I don't know at this point yet, but want to explore options.
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    I would keep her separated and off the pond. Leave fresh water in front of her as well as feed.

    She might be sore, but as long as you have feed and fresh water available, she will eat when she is ready.
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    Sounds like your duck is under stress and traumatized from the attack. I would keep it separated for a few days and offer mush food (regular food mixed with water) and pureed peas in it. The peas are a treat and may entice the duck to eat. Best is to give electrolytes with vitamins in the water, because it will reduce the stress. This water can be used to make the food mush. Some cold chamomile tea will help too. Try to find a quiet space for the duck to just sort out what happened to it. It should improve in the next couple of days.
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    You can make your duck a "soup" that will be easier for her to eat. Simply mash her feed (and you can add dog food, cat food, parrot food, etc) with a bunch of water to make a slurry. When she takes a drink, she'll get some nutrition too. You can also get brine shrimp from a pet store (usually in cube form) and melt it into her water. If you make a soup for her, try to change it every couple hours so it doesn't spoil.

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