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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by birdlover, Jun 5, 2007.

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    My two indian runner ducklings are now 3 weeks old and I have some questions about moving them out of the laundry room and to the great outdoors. I am planning on keeping them in the chicken coop at night with the chickens. (I have 6 of those) These babies are what you would call "spoiled rotten". I have a VERY hard time ignoring their cries of stress. That happens if I turn off all the lights in the laundry room or if I have them outside and walk away from them. Soo, I would almost bet my life they are going to freak out the first night or two in the coop. Question 1: When is it okay, temperature wise to put them in the coop at night? Nights around here are about 68 degrees. Question 2: Do you think it would help them to put the box I have them in now in the coop to make them feel more secure? I thought they would feel better if they were in somewhat familiar surroundings (a huge cardboard box with straw bedding). Question 3: Should I cover the box with chicken wire to keep the chickens out? When I take Donald Dear and Daisy Darling outside, heheheheh, the chickens totally ignore them but the ducklings are frightened of the chickens if they come too close. I'm trying to make sure they are around each other for a while each day so they will get used to seeing each other. Or maybe I should cover the box with some kind of "awning" as the roost will probably be over the box a little and I don't want them to get pooped on!! I don't know!! This is so perplexing!! Question 4: How do you duck people that keep your ducks and chickens together start them off?? I need some expert advice!!! Thanks in advance!!!!!!!

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