Needing thoughts on what is needed for my new coop


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Mar 6, 2018
North East Oklahoma
My new house comes with a new coop, so I'm switching to layers and dual use birds from game chickens. I need to do a cleaning, put litter down and brace the roosts better. I would appreciate any ideas that anyone may have. My games would stay in the cedar trees regardless of weather so I'm lost on this luxury thing. 20180209_111735.jpg
Hmmm, that pic looks something @Howard E shared as an example.

Anyway, looks like those roost sections are made to rest atop a poop board.
In the pic they are in the 'up' position for cleaning the boards.
Do I see a wire holding up the one on the far right?
Lots of nests under the poop board.

How many birds you plan on keeping?
Pics of the rest of building, inside and out?
It's very interesting...any idea how old that coop is?
I took the picture and haven't started using it till yesterday. Yes wire is holding them all up. How do those roosts sit for those birds to use?
17 nest boxes were counted, I'm not moved in yet so other pictures have to wait till we get the keys (any day now)
I'm not sure how old it is, but it is well built and the reason I'm switching to layers.
The front is entirely open to a half acre fenced run, solid concrete floor under coop which is nice.
Yes, looks like those rooster a just in the "up" position for cleaning poop tray underneath. You should find there is a way to let it back down.
Wow, how lucky can you get? Instant coop, no building needed! :woot:jumpyCongratulations, enjoy your new home and flock!:highfive::jumpy
Cut a wire, I'd bet the roost assembly is hinged at the back, then set it down, should be horizontal.
The 'roof' of the nests is the poop board.
I guess what I'm asking is just lay the roost flat on the poop board? That's what it looks like but coming from my game chickens they would have a fit if there was not higher spots

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